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Vijaya Management Services established on April 2000. It began as a Recruitment Consulting Organization and in a span of 10 years, Vijaya diversified into Temporary Staffing, Recruitment & Payroll Processing, Background Checking & Verification, PF Trust Management and Compliance Management. When it comes to HR outsourcing, Vijaya Management is one of the best fit to the outsourcing companies across the globe.We can Answer Your Recruitment, Corporate Training and Payroll Outsourcing Needs. Today, we are bridging the gap between companies and their success, by fulfilling the HR needs like Recruitment, training and Payroll outsourcing. We are group of experts who know how to benefit their partners once they leverage our expertise of our HR services. We can give the best of such solutions which will optimize your internal processes thus resulting into more profits.

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Hiring and retaining the best talent is as tough as it’s ever been.
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Payroll outsourcing is one of the key services that Vijaya provides for companies.
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